Since 2012, Cosmo’s been manufacturing and marketing his marinara sauce, formerly known as Dr. Salibello’s, from his home outside Portland, Oregon. The time came for Mama Maria’s classic marinara to get a new look and fresh start.

Introducing Cosmo Celebration Sauces! We use the very best ingredients as close to home as possible and they have to be the best to make it into our jars. We currently have two flavors: Classic Marinara and the all new, Shiitake Mushroom Marinara.

With this new beginning, we’re excited to take our sauce to more markets and bring it into new homes. We’re looking to prove that real Italian can be real easy, and every time you gather loved ones around is a reason to celebrate.

If you don’t believe us, try a jar. Just one. We’re sure you’ll agree that Cosmo Celebration Sauces are delicious and will have you yelling out, “Festeggiamo!”